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AuditDesktop supports an Activities nomenclature. Employees can use Activities to select type of activity when filling in their Timesheets. To access the nomenclature, open the Settings tab and click Activities.

Here you can enter all activities necessary for your work. For each type of activity, you can enter a code and a name in the Code and Activity columns.

The following parameters are available for each activity that you enter:

  • Price - the unit price of service provided for one hour
  • Minimal quantity - the minimal quantity in minutes that will be registered when entering a record in the timesheet
  • Round quantities - the rounding time to minutes when tracking time
  • Price calculation:
    • No price - the value is not calculated
    • From quantity - to calculate, multiply the time invested in hours by the unit price
    • Fixed price- the value is equal to the unit price, regardless of the time invested
  • Use in planning - the activity can be used for the Strategic and Annual planning

In the Description field you can add a short description of the selected activity (not required).

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