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The Adjustments window shows all adjustments entered in the engagement's working papers. AuditDesktop supports three adjustment types: Misstatement, Reclassification, Elimination.

To access the window, open the engagement and do one of the following:

  • Right click on a working paper → From the context menu select Adjustments (where applicable)
  • Select a working paper → Click the Adjustments button located in the toolbar


The buttons give access to these actions:

The table shows the following information about each adjustment:

  • Posted – the adjustment is marked as posted
  • Extr. – the values of the record are extrapolated
  • Type – adjustment type (Misstatement, Reclassification, Elimination)
  • Trial balance – the trial balance type that the adjustment is entered in
  • Financial result – shows the financial result values (if available)
  • Tax result – shows the tax result values (if available)


All notes that were added to the selected adjustment.


The field shows information about the journal entry of the adjustment.

Performance materiality

The field shows the determined performance materiality threshold.

Non-material misstatements

The value of misstatements that are immaterial to the final audit statement.

Statement of financial position

Adjustments entered in Statement of financial position items. You can enter a new adjustment directly in the table's cells.

Income statement

Adjustments entered in Income statement items. You can enter a new adjustment directly in the table's cells.

Differences in disclosure

Click the Edit button and enter the difference in disclosure as plain text. Mark whether the difference is Adjusted.


All adjustments entered in the engagement's working papers can be viewed in the Summary of adjustments report.

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