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You can attach files to every working paper as well as to every Checklist question, or Program step.

Attachments are accessed from:

  • The working paper's context menu
  • The Attached files button located in the toolbar
  • The Edit document window or the in-built form in documents of the Lead schedule and File type

Managing attached files

  • View – view the attached file
  • Edit – edit the attached file
  • Attach – attach a new file
  • Attach as shortcut – create a shortcut to a file on the local computer or a network resource
  • Delete – delete the file
  • Save – save the file in a folder
  • Rename – rename the file
  • Description – add a short description
  • For next audit – the file will be transferred when the current audit is completed and a subsequent one is opened

Additional actions

Double click the left mouse button to perform the following actions (depending on the column you are in):

  • – mark/unmark For next audit flag
  • File – the file is opened for viewing or editing, depending on the selected option in Attachment default action in Attached file settings.
  • Description – change the file's description


  • Attaching a new file can be done through Drag & Drop from Windows Explorer over the list of attached files. During dragging, the indication will appear by the mouse cursor.
  • A file link can be created through Drag & Drop from Windows Explorer, but this time by pressing and holding the Ctrl+Shift keys on the keyboard. In this case, the indication will appear.
  • Another way to attach files is to Copy (Ctrl+C) the selected files in Windows Explorer and Paste (Ctrl+V) them in the list of files.

You can also use the shortcut key combinations:

Shortcut keyAction
Ctrl+OView file
Ctrl+EEdit file
Ctrl+AAttach file
Ctrl+LAttach shortcut
Ctrl+SSave selected file
Ctrl+Shift+SSave selected files in folder
Ctrl+NFor next audit
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