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The main functionality of the Checklist type of working paper is located in the Questions section. It consists of hierarchically organised questions and sub-questions that can be answered with Yes, No, or Not applicable. Questions that are irrelevant to the current client are marked as Not applicable.


  • Print - opens the window for selection and printing of templates. If you want to send the item by email, click E-Mail in the window for template selection.
  • Add new - opens the quick-add menu from where you can add a new Attachment, Adjustment, Risk, or Tickmark to the Checklist. You can set up what will be visualised in the quick-add menu in the Visible properties tab in the Checklist's setup.
  • Refresh - reloads the Checklist without exiting the page.
  • Settings - opens the Active engagement settings for determining user permissions.
  • Score - calculates the number of points, depending on the number of positive and negative answers given in the Questions tab.

Tabs & Sections


The tab uses symbols that show whether there are references and what is their condition:

  • - there is a visible reference
  • - the reference is completed
  • - the reference is checked
  • - the reference is semi-completed, i.e. there is still work in progress


The tab shows the Checklist's description.

The other tabs give access to properties that are identical to the ones in the Checklist's context menu. You can personalise the tabs' visibility in the Visible properties tab in the Checklist's setup. To do so, mark the properties that you want to be visualised.


The section shows all references (if any) to the question or sub-question that you have selected. References are visualised according to whether you have answered a question or sub-question with Yes/No. Right click on a reference to browse through its context menu. The context menu will vary depending on what type of working paper the reference is.


The Remove reference option in the context menu is available only to audit team members who have specific user permissions to edit method.

If you right click on a blank space within the section, the context menu will give access to these actions:

  • Add from file - creates a new working paper of the type File, directly adding reference to it
  • Add link - creates a new working paper of the type Link, directly adding reference to it
  • Add reference - adds a new reference
  • New working paper - creates a new working paper


In this tab you can add notes to a question or a sub-question. Click the Edit button and enter the note's text.


Here you can attach files to your note or to the question itself. To do so, open the tab and select the file from the dialog window.


The tab shows an explanatory text to the question that you have selected.

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