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The Items and Conclusions tabs are specific to the setup of the Checklist type of working paper.

The buttons give access to these actions:

  • Import - import the Checklist from an Excel file
  • Export - export the Checklist to an Excel file
  • Add - add a new question or sub-question
  • Delete - delete the selected question or sub-question
  • Paste - paste copied data


If you want to use this format, you can first export a Checklist containing several questions to an Excel file, to see how its data will be organised into Excel columns and cells.


This tab shows the Name, Code and Numbering columns of items. To edit an item, double click on it to open the Edit text window, or select it and press the F2 key on the keyboard.


  • Visualisation - whether the questions will be bulleted, numbered, etc.
  • Numbering type - the numbering type that will be used
  • Weight - define the weight to each question on the basis of its Yes/No answers
  • Activation - show or hide the question depending on whether the parent question is answered with Yes/No/Any.
  • Values - whether the question will be answered by default with Yes/No/Not applicable
  • Links - activate or deactivate the option to add references to the selected question
  • Information item - only for the purpose of grouping (used for titles, topic sentences, or sections that do not require any answers)
  • Bullet - select the preferred bulleting symbol


  • Add - add a new reference file
  • Remove - remove an existing reference file

To select when a reference will be active, right click on it to open its context menu. For the Active on option select one of the following: Always/Yes/No.

You can also mark the selected reference as Read only or Read/Write.


Add a short description of or instruction for the selected item.


You can set up the activation of specific elements in accordance with predefined dependencies.


Add conclusions so that they appear as ready-to-use messages during automatic evaluation of the Checklist. Depending on the answers given in work on active engagement, AudiDesktop will sum up the answers to each question in accordance with its predefined weight. If the border value of a conclusion is exceeded, a message will appear in the respective working paper.

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