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To access the Timesheets common report, open the Common reports tab and click Timesheets.


Select the records to be processed. The following timesheet reports can be visualised (you must have the respective user permission levels):

  • Own - only your own records will be shown
  • All - the records of all employees will be shown
  • Clients - records will be shown ordered by clients
  • Office - records will be shown ordered by office
  • Projects - records will be shown ordered by projects that you participate in
  • Group by client - the timesheets for each selected client will be shown

Enter the period for which the data will be displayed and click Report. The data will be displayed in accordance with your selected conditions.

If you click the button, the program will show reports from the first available date. If you click , it will show data to the last entered record.


The tab works together with the OLAP section. You can set up how to group the data that will be analysed, reorder the columns, rows, and values that will be visualised on the screen.

To save the setting that you have created:

1. Click New settings.

2. Enter the setting's name in the Name field.

3. Click OK.

In the Diagram tab you can choose the diagram type that the program will show on the basis of your selected data and settings.

The Data tab displays the contents of the cell that you have marked.


To export data from the Data tab you must activate the Group by client option. In this way, you will export the data as a PDF file, named after the selected client's name.

You can export the data table as an Excel file from the Analysis tab.

1. Click the Export button.

2. In the Template field select the type of template.

3. In the Folder field select the folder that the file will be saved in.

4. Mark the Add "To date" to file name option if you want the file's name to include a date.

5. Click Export.


To access the module for sending messages:

1. Click Group by client.

2. Choose a client (or several clients) and click the E-Mail button.

3. Mark the template that you want to send. If you don't mark any template, the program will prompt you to do so.

4. Click Select. The selected template will be added as an attachment in the Send email window.


Data printing is done through the Print button. If you are in the Data tab, you will open the window for selection and printing of templates. If you click the button while working in the Analysis tab, the program will print out the data table that you are currently analysing.

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