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To open a client's context menu, make a right click on the selected client.

  • Auditee structures - allows you to edit the client's auditee structures
  • Details - opens a window showing information about the client
  • Edit - allows you to edit the client's data
  • Engagements - shows a list of all existing engagements of the client. You can edit and add new ones if you wish.
  • New engagement - creates a new engagement
  • Processes - allows you to edit the client's processes
  • Select engagement - shows all engagements, allowing you to select an active one
  • Timesheets - allows you to add a timesheet

Merging clients

The program enables you to merge duplicate client nomenclatures. This option is available only to users with user permission Base: Merge nomenclatures.

1. Mark two or more clients and right click on them.

2. Select the Merge clients option.

3. In the To client field, select the nomenclature under which the clients will be merged. Click OK.

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