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AuditDesktop supports two types of data import modules: SMImport and Excel Macro. The Select import specification window can be accessed from several positions in the program, such as Transaction log, Trial balance, FS Lines, etc.

1. Click the Import or Import data button (depending on the position you are accessing the window from).

2. To enter in edit mode, click Settings.

3. The following buttons are activated:

  • Edit - open the edit import configuration window (its type depends on the selected module)
  • Copy - copy the selected specification
  • Load - load specification from file
  • Save - save the selected specification in a file on the local computer

4. When you are ready, select one of the actions:

  • Cancel - discard all changes made after you opened the window
  • Save - save all changes


System specifications are coloured in grey and cannot be deleted. The access to this window is controlled by user permission Base: Import specifications.

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