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To be able to edit the Final statement of financial position, perform the steps:

1. Open the Statements tab and click Statement of financial position.

2. Open the Final tab.

3. Click the Editing:Data button.

The active window includes the columns:

  • Code - the code of the item
  • Name - the name of the item
  • Current period - current period's value
  • Period-1 - previous to the current period
  • Period-2 - period before last

The Import data button opens the window for selecting data import specifications.

The Calculate button opens the Calculate statement window:

The Final statement of financial position is not set up to be automatically calculated in the program. You can enter it manually or you can use the automatic calculation option.

  • Copy data from Initial statement - uses data from the Initial statement of financial position
    • Current period - apply to current period
    • Period-1 and Period-2 - apply to previous period and the period before last
  • Calculate from Final trial balance - the program will use data from the Final trial balance, i.e. the Trial balance which includes the adjustments and reclassifications

4. When you finish editing, click Save.