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Here you can define the financial indicators, using the Statement of financial position, Income statement and Initial trial balance as output data.

To set up the indicators, the following columns are filled in:

  • Code - for visual layout of the list of financial indicators
  • Name - the name of the indicator
  • Type - formula type
    • Expression - a simple expression, for example:


    • Function - description of a function named FinancialIndicator, which returns the result as a fraction. For example:
      function FinancialIndicator: Currency;
        if ISValue['11200']=0 then
          result:= 0
          result:= (FPValue['20000']/ISValue['11200'])* 100;


  • Expression type:
    • One for all periods - used when the formula uses data from two or more periods
    • Separate for different periods - used when the formula is one and the same in each period, i.e. only the current period's values are used
  • Alert - offers the option to display an alert message when the border value is exceeded
    • Comparison operator - it can be or
    • Value - border value
  • Source - the calculation algorithm is described. For more information on language syntax for writing sources and functions, see Scripts FastScript.
  • Description - a detailed description of the indicator's purpose
  • Alert message - the text of the alert message. If left empty, the program will not check whether the border value is reached.


Several arrays of data from different statements are available for the description of the formulas. To open the arrays, right click within the field where the formulas are entered to open the context menu. The description format of the arrays is:

array ['code']


Statement of financial position

  • SFPValue - value of the period that the value is calculated for
  • SFPCurrent - current period value
  • SFPPrevious - previous period value
  • SFPrePrevious - period before last value

Income statement

  • ISValue - value of the period that the value is calculated for
  • ISCurrent - current period value
  • ISPrevious - previous period value
  • ISPrePrevious - period before last value

Trial balance

  • TBOBDr - opening balance debit
  • TBOBCr - opening balance credit
  • TBTODr - debit turnovers
  • TBTOCr - credit turnovers
  • TBCBDr - closing balance debit
  • TBCBCr - closing balance credit
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