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In the Employees window you can manage all system users, together with their levels of user permissions. You can also enter all company employees who will not be using the system, but who will themselves be taken into account when calculating the available human resources during Strategic and Annual planning.

To access the nomenclature, open the Settings tab and click the Employees button.

The program displays all employees as either Employed or Not employed. To manage the list of employees use the buttons:

  • New - open a window for adding an employee
  •  Edit - open a window for editing a selected employee
  • Delete - delete the selected employee. Employees can be deleted only if they do not participate in engagements, timesheets, etc.
  • Refresh - reload employee data

The tabs at the bottom part of the window display detailed information about each employee:

  • Job positions - all job positions held by the employee shown in a chronological way. It is used in Planning and organising the list of employees when selecting a team for an engagement.
  • Offices - the auditor's office that the employee represents. It can be used when determining what data the employee can see in the timesheets.
  • Planned leave - the planned leaves of absence of the employee shown in a chronological way. The data is used in Planning.
  • Auditor/Assistant - additional information about the employee. The data is used in engagements.
  • User accounts - here the system users are managed. It is visible only to the database system administrator SYSDBA
  • Connection log - a log of entries into the program and the duration of the activities.


Access to this window is controlled through user permission HR: Edit employees

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