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AuditDesktop allows you to export elements. You can export working papers or whole method sections that contain multiple working papers. This facilitates the methodologist's task and assists work on current audit engagements. Note that the export functionality depends on your license.

Export an Audit Method

To export the method of a specific audit, follow the steps:

1. Select the audit engagement and open the Audit tab.

2. Click the Audit approach button. In the confirmation window, click Yes.

3. Open the Sections tab and choose one of the following:

  • Export a section - mark the section and click Export, or right click on the section and select Export from the context menu.
  • Export a working paper - mark the working paper and click Export, or right click on the working paper and select Export from the context menu.


If you mark the main section, you will export the entire method.

4. Depending on your choice in Step 3, the file will be in .ecms (section) or .ecmp (working paper) format. Click Save.

5. If you don't want to export referenced documents, unmark the Export referenced documents option. Click Export.

Export a Method from the Library

To export a method from the Library, follow the steps:

1. Open the Settings tab and click Library.

2. Select the desired method.

3. Click the Edit button, and continue with Steps 3–5 as descibed above.