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You can access the Add control activity window from several positions in the program:

  • Working paper → Right click on it or click Control activities in the toolbar → Click Add
  • Risks → Click Identifying CA → Click Add
  • Risks → Click Preliminary assessment → ClickAdd

  • Control activity – enter the name of the control activity
  • Control component – select the control component from the drop-down menu:
    • 0-none
    • 1-Control environment
    • 2-Control activity
    • 3-Information system
    • 4-Monitoring
  • Control type – select the control type from the drop-down menu:
    • 0-none
    • 1-Preventive
    • 2-Detect and Correct
  • Affect statements – mark whether the control activity affects all statement items
  • Description – you can enter a short description of the control activity



The tab shows information about the risks that are covered by the control activities.

  • Description – a short description of each risk

When you are done, click Save.

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