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Fetch Data

1. Before you begin working in offline mode, you must perform several preparatory steps.


If you want users to be able to fetch data for offline work, you must assign them ''Engagement: Edit engagement approach'' access level. Also, they must have the access rights to edit the approach of the engagements that they will work on offline.

2. Open the Home tab and click the Fetch button.

3. Mark the engagement that you want to work on offline and click the Fetch button. You can mark more than one engagement.

4. Enter the Name of the offline data in the dialog window. If you want to save the data to a portable file, check the Create portable offline data file option and select the file from the drop-down menu. The creation of a portable file allows your assistants to work with the engagement's data without necessarily having access level to edit engagement's method. Click Fetch.


The next few steps can be performed even if you are not connected to the server.

5. Restart the program. If you have received the data on a portable file, import the data in order to work with it. If the data is not saved on a portable file, login directly in the offline database created by you.

6. In the Login window, the Database field will be set to Online database by default. From the drop-down menu, select the offline database that you have created. Enter your username and click Login (when in offline mode, passwords are not obligatory).

7. Once the data is loaded, restart the program. You can now enter the offline database that you created and start working on your engagement(s) in offline mode.

Prepare Data for Return

8. When you have completed your offline work, open the Home tab and click the Prepare for return button.

9. Mark the engagement that you want to prepare for return and click the Prepare button. In the window that opens, click Yes.

10. If you want to return the data immediately, restart the program. If you want to return the data later, do not restart.

Return Data


In order for the program to execute the next steps, you must be connected to the server.

11. After restarting, enter the online database. The program will ask whether you want to merge the data prepared for return. If you don't want to merge it, you will have to do it manually later on. In case you want to merge, click Yes.

12. In the window that opens, mark the offline data that you wish to return and click the Return button.

13. The program will ask you to confirm the return data operation. Click Yes.


Once returned, the engagement's data must not be prepared and returned again. If it is necessary to do so, delete the previous offline data and fetch it anew.