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AuditDesktop enables you to import Trial balance and update accounts. You can import three Trial balance types: Initial, Control, and Previous.

1. Open the Statements tab and click the Trial balance button.

2. Click Import and from the drop-down menu select the Trial balance type that you want to import.

3. The Import trial balance window gives access to the following actions:

  • Import data - opens the window for data import. Note that when setting up the specifications, you must set the import mode to Append.
  • Update accounts - adds new accounts to existing ones.
  • Clear existing accounts - clears the existing chart of accounts and uses the chart of accounts from the imported trial balance.
  • Add to existing values - adds new sums without replacing the existing ones.
  • Group accounts - groups trial balance accounts up to a specified level.

The window has two different view modes, depending on the selected Trial balance representation format. If you have chosen to work with one-column trial balance, the Closing balance column will be divided into Debit and Credit. If you are working with six-column trial balance, the columns will be Opening balance, Turnover and Closing balance, each divided into Debit and Credit.

4. Once you are ready, click Save.

Data can also be imported with the Copy & Paste functions. Copying is done from from spreadsheet. Copy the TB (Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut) and select the first row in the account (you must select the entire cell). Paste the data (Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut) and click Save. Note that the decimal separators of the output data and the program's settings must be identical.