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AuditDesktop supports work with Income statement financial statement. It can be generated automatically in accordance with the Income statement items nomenclature's settings or entered manually. If you use the automatic generation, you must enter the Codes and Names of the items beforehand. When using the manual input, you can enter them in the current active window; they will be automatically transferred later on. The Income statement of an audited entity can be entered for the current period, the previous period and the period before last. This allows for a quick and easy-to-use analysis of changes.

To access the Income statement active window, open the Statements tab and click the Income statement button.


In this tab you can enter the Initial income statement which the client provides at the beginning of the engagement.

The buttons give access to the following actions:


Here you can enter the Final income statement for the audited entity. This can be done manually or by selecting the Copy data from Initial statement option. The latter allows for an automatic transfer of balance from the Period-1, Period-2 and Current period columns. The third available option that you can select is Calculate from Final trial balance.

The buttons give access to the following actions:

When using the copy engagement function, AuditDesktop will automatically transfer values from Final to Period -1, and those from Period -1 to Period -2 column. 

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