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AuditDesktop supports Job Positions nomenclature that is used when determining employees' start and end dates of employment. These dates are in turn used for:

  • Engagement team selection - to separate the active employees from those no longer employed
  • Strategic and Annual planning - to determine the available human resources
  • Common report Human resources

To access the nomenclature, open the Settings tab and click Job positions.


The minimal necessary information that must be entered for a job position is the Name.

The data in the Remaining hours distribution section influence the calculation of the effective fund for audit work time used in Strategic and Annual planning.

  • Unplanned - unplanned absences
  • Education - seminars and company trainings
  • Sick and unplanned leave - paid sick days or other type of absence permitted by law
  • Other - other activities connected with direct engagement participation. For example, a consultant who works on a half day rate, or a partner who also has managerial functions.

The Effective time column result will be the time in % during which an employee can be employed when determining the available human resources.

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