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The files use all functions of your MS Office pack, with no limitations.

Depending on the direction of information flow, parameters in MS Office documents can be:

  • Unidirectional - once they are filled in, their data can be accessed as read only. Such parameters are the client's name, auditor's name, period, etc.
  • Bidirectional - the parameters can be changed and their data can be reloaded into the program. These are, for example, notes, findings, issues to discuss with the team, etc.

Depending on the way the parameters are obtained, they can be:

  • - Logical sum
  • - Time
  • - Currency
  • - Symbol
  • - Date
  • - Fraction
  • - Picture
  • - Formatted text
  • - Whole number
  • - Text
  • - Data report
  • - Sequence of characters
  • - Table data
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