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To be able to manage users, you must be logged in as a database system administrator with the SYSDBA username. This function is available only in Network database connection type and program license type other than No team.

1. Open the Settings tab and click the Employees button.

2. Open the User accounts tab.

3. Click Admin login to enter in administrative mode.

4. Fill in the SYSDBA username and respective password. Click Login.

AuditDesktop supports two types of user accounts: Firebird user and Windows user. It is possible for an employee to have more than one user account, for example one Firebird and another of the Windows type. It is also possible for an employee to have more than one user account of the same type.

The New, Edit, Delete, and Refresh buttons enable you to add a new employee, edit or delete an already added one as well as to refresh data in the table.

Also, you can select an employee and perform the following available actions:

5. Once you are ready, click Drop access: sysdba to exit the administrative mode.