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AuditDesktop supports work with Mapped trial balance which represents the trial balance grouped into items. The items that are visualised belong to the Statement of financial position and Income statement nomenclatures. To access the Mapped trial balance window, open the Statements tab and click the Mapped trial balance button. The view mode will vary depending on your selected trial balance representation format: Trial balance with one or six columns.


The <not mapped> group displays all accounts that are not mapped to a specific item.

Using the buttons you can do the following actions:

  • Import - import a trial balance. You can import three trial balance types: Previous, Initial, Control
  • Edit - edit the trial balance sums. You can edit three trial balance types: Previous, Initial, Control
  • Chart of accounts - open a window for editing the chart of accounts
  • Print - preview and print of templates
  • Refresh - reload and refresh data

The Posted adjustments section displays all posted adjustments (if any) made to the selected account.

The Note section shows notes added to the respective adjustment.

There are two additional buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen:

  • Switch to a tree-like view mode
  • Change the font of statement items and make their names bold


Mapped trial balance data is used as output reference for the generation of Lead schedules.

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