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Features and Limitations

Working in offline mode enables you to fetch an engagement's data, disconnect from the Internet, and return the data later on, together with the changes made. The offline mode supports work with all types of working papers. You can select and work on any engagement, yet there are certain limitations. When in offline mode, you cannot:

The current AuditDesktop version does not support returning of Financial statements' data.

Attached files can be added and edited, but they cannot be deleted.

Preparatory Steps

Before you start working offline, perform the following preparatory steps:

1. Create Database ID (no more than 255 characters). You can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Open Application menu → Click Databases → Click Edit → Enter Database ID → Click Save, or
  • From the Login window → Click thebutton → Click Edit → Enter Database ID → Click Save

2. Set User permissions for offline work:

2.1 Open the Settings tabClick Employees → User accounts → Click Admin login

2.2 Log in with your sysdba username and password and select the user who will work offline. Click Permissions.

2.3 Mark the Engagement: Work offline option for full access, so that the user can both read and write when in offline mode.

2.4 If you want the user to fetch data for offline work, they must have access level Engagement: Edit engagement approach. Also they must have the right to edit the approach of the engagements that they will work on.

2.5 Click Save.

3. Open the Application menu → Click Restart.

4. You can now initiate the fetch data process for working in offline mode.

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