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AuditDesktop supports Organisation data nomenclature. To access it, open the Settings tab and click the Organisation button.


Before you start working with the system, it is preferable that you set up several parameters.


The Organisation name, UIC and Vat ID fields cannot be changed. Their data comes filled in with your product license. If you wish to make corrections to any of these three fields, you must contact us for a license reissue.

The values that you enter in these fields will be used in report printing or when filling in engagements' parametrised documents.

Parameters that affect other functions

There are no mandatory fields to fill in, however, some fields affect other program functions.


When creating a new engagement, the accounting settings that are specified in this section will be set by default. You can change them later on. The parameters are the following:

  • Trial balance type
  • Use Control TB

Head office

You can fill in the company's head office information in the designated fields.


If you have numerous offices, you can fill in their information in the designated fields. Data from this section can be used in several cases:

  • Clients - define the office that will serve a given client
  • Employees - define the office an employee works at
  • Report: Timesheets - give access rights to employees to see only the timesheets of clients that are served by the office they work at, or the timesheets of co-workers in their offices
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