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This section contains reports that are uncategorised in other sections. To access them, open the Reports tab and click the Other button. From the drop-down menu, select Data or Documents.


If you have selected the Data option, the program will open the Audit data window.

Here, you can see the entire collected and systemised information about the audit engagement. The report summarises all audit, team, and client data, as well as all findings, adjustments, etc. in an easy-to-use interface.

The two buttons give access to the actions:


If you have selected the Documents option, the program will open the Select template window. This report displays information in the same way as it is organised in the audit engagement file.

  • Preview - open the preview window
  • Print - open the window for print setup
  • E-Mail - open the window for sending messages. The template will be attached to your message as a PDF file.

To edit templates, you must switch to edit mode. To do so, click Settings. The following buttons will become active:

  • Edit - edit the selected template
  • Copy - copy the selected template
  • Load - load the template from a file on the local computer
  • Save - save the template to a file on the local computer
  • Save - save the changes made
  • Cancel - discard all changes made after the window was opened


You cannot delete system templates (coloured in grey). If you need to edit a system template, you can copy it first and then edit the template-copy.

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