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To make a preliminary assessment of control activities, open the Risks tab and click the Preliminary assessment button.

  • Add – open the window for adding new control activity
  • Edit – open the window for editing the control activity
  • Delete – delete the selected control activity
  • Details – view details about the control activity (edit function is inactive)
  • Auto edit – go into edit mode. If you work with large amounts of data, it will save you time.
  • Print – open the window for preview and printing of templates
  • Refresh – refresh the data

If you right click in the table, you will open a context menu that gives access to the actions described above (Auto edit and Refresh excluded).

CA – Preliminary assessment

  • Control activity – the name of the control activity
  • Control component – what is the control component
  • Control type – what is the control type
  • Affect statements – whether the control activity affects all statement items
  • Is appropriately planned – assess whether the control activity was appropriately planned
  • Is person suitable – assess whether the person in charge of the control activity is suitable
  • Is implemented – assess whether the control activity is adequately implemented
  • Is performed in series – assess the consistency of the control activity's implementation
  • Is effective – assess whether the control activity is effective
  • Test control – mark whether the control activity is tested
  • Number of tests – the number of control tests (if any)


Identified in

The tab shows the working paper that the control activity is identified in.

Control tests

Here you can link control activities with test controls. To do so, click the Link button. In the window that opens, select the test control document or create a new one. If you haven't linked any test control documents with the control activities, the value in the Control tests column will remain zero.

If you want to delete a test control, click Remove.


The tab shows information about all risks that are covered by the selected control activity:

  • Likelihood
  • Impact
  • Score
  • Risk level
  • Significant
  • Fraud risk
  • Affect statements
  • Affect materiality
  • Description