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1. From your current position in the program, click Print.


There are several positions in AuditDesktop from which the Print button does not open the window shown below, but a window for print setup. Such positions are Events, the built-in Spreadsheet, the Analysis tab in Timesheets, and a few more.

  • Preview – opens the window for template preview
  • Print – opens the window for print setup
  • E-Mail – opens the window for sending messages. The template will be attached to your message as a PDF file.

2. To enter in edit mode, click Edit templates. If you want to edit a system template (shown in grey), you must copy it and then edit the template-copy. System templates cannot be deleted.

The following buttons become active:

  • Edit – edit the selected template
  • Copy – copy the selected template
  • Load – load the template from a file on your local computer
  • Save – save the template in a file on your local computer

3. When you are ready, click one of the buttons:

  • Save – save the changes made
  • Cancel – discard all changes made after the window was opened