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You can send messages from different locations in the program. To access the Send email window, click the New message button.


The active window buttons enable you to do the actions:

  • Send - send your message
  • Address book - open the mail contacts


The following fields are filled in:

  • Account - select the E-mail account from which the message will be sent
  • To - enter the recipient's E-mail address (may be more than one)
  • Subject - enter the subject of your message
  • Message - enter the body of your message


When sending a message, you can open the context menu of its Subject and Message fields in order to fill in various parameters.

Attached files

The Attachments section can be expanded or collapsed through the button.

If you want to rename an attachment, select it and press the F2 key on the keyboard.

Right click in the field to open the context menu which gives access to the following actions:

  • Attach file - attach a file from the file system
  • Delete - delete the selected file

Attached files can be two types, displayed by different icons:

  • - files generated by the system, such as report results, working papers, etc.
  • - files attached from the file system


The section displays information about all queued messages intended to be sent later.