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All timesheets

Open the Work management tab and click the All timesheets button. The window will display all your timesheets, without limitation as to date and client.

  • Date - enter the date of the activity
  • Start - enter the start time
  • End - enter the end time
  • Duration - the program automatically calculates the duration of the activity
  • Client - select the desired client
  • Activity - select the corresponding activity
  • Project/Audit - select the engagement for which the activity was done
  • Description - add a more detailed description of the activity
  • To bill - automatically calculates the billable hours according to the activity settings and time invested. You can edit the value, if necessary.
  • To be invoiced - whether the client should be invoiced
  • Invoiced - whether the client has already been invoiced

You can enter individual activities either for a specific time range or directly enter the total sum of working hours. You can add as many activities as necessary in a single timesheet. Each separate row can be entered for a different client and a different engagement.

The Notes field enables you to add notes to the timesheet you have created.

Select one or several records (shown in the video below) and click Print to open the window for template selection and printing. The templates can be personalised and sent as emails through the messaging module. If you don't select any records, the program will print out all data.

Timesheet for today

The Timesheet for today button opens a window that will automatically load records for the current date.

Timesheet for date

If you set a date in the Date field and click Timesheet for date, the program will load the screen for your selected date.


To personalise the settings of the columns, open the Application menu, click Settings and select Timesheet: General.

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