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AuditDesktop supports work with Transaction log nomenclature, which enables you to import the chronological listing of accounting transactions.

To access it, open the Statements tab in Active audit and click the Transaction log button.

  • Import data - select data import specification
  • Columns - select column visibility. Some options are mutually exclusive; to optimise data loading and saving speed, hide the columns that you are not currently using. You can set different column visibility for each engagement.
  • Samples - open the Samples module
  • Statistics - open the Benford's law analysis for data manipulation


Another method for importing data is through the Copy & Paste functions.

When you finish, click Save to save your work and close the window. If you want to save your work but stay in the current window, select Apply from the drop-down menu.

The Transaction log window contains the following columns:

  • Data row
  • Transaction ID
  • Document number
  • Date
  • Date of entry
  • Note / Description
  • Client
  • Client UIC / VAT ID
  • Document type
  • Document row №
  • Account
  • Account name
  • Debit|Account
  • Debit|Account name
  • Debit|Batch code
  • Debit|Batch
  • Debit|Batch 2 code
  • Debit|Batch 2
  • Debit|Sum
  • Credit|Account
  • Credit|Account name
  • Credit|Batch code
  • Credit|Batch 2 code
  • Credit|Batch 2
  • Credit|Sum
  • Sum
  • Quantity
  • Measure
  • Unit price
  • File number
  • Position in file
  • User field|1 Text
  • User field|2 Text
  • User field|3 Text
  • User field|1 Float number
  • User field|2 Float number
  • User field|3 Float number
  • User field|1 Integer number
  • User field|2 Integer number
  • User field|3 Integer number
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