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1. The Welcome screen will appear right after you start the Setup Wizard. To continue, click Next.

2. Please read the License Agreement. Mark the I accept the agreement option to agree to the terms. To continue, click Next.

3. The window displays our contact information. For more details, visit our website. To continue, click Next.

4. If you want to change the Setup folder, click Browse. To proceed, click Next.

5. By default, the database will be installed in Personal documents. It can also be installed in Public documents or Custom folder. If you select the latter, in the next step the program will ask you to choose a folder. Click Next.

6. The Setup Wizard will display where it will create the program's shortcuts. Click Next.

7. The Application icon will be placed on your Desktop. If you do not want a desktop icon, uncheck the Create a desktop icon option. Click Next to start the installation process.

8. To launch the application immediately, check the Launch AuditDesktop option and click Finish. To launch it later on, uncheck the Launch AuditDesktop option before clicking Finish.


 Should you encounter any problems with the trial setup, do not hesitate to contact us. Our client service is always at your disposal.
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