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At this point we assume that you have received a link with the setup and license file for AuditDesktop and you need to install it on a server and workstations that operate under Windows OS.


If you want to run your database server on Linux or macOS, contact us for more information.

Step 1. Server Installation

1.1. From the provided link, download and save in folder the following file:

a) AuditDekstop_Setup.exe

If the server is connected to the Internet, the Wizard will download all additional installations that are required. Otherwise, you will also need to download the following files:

b) For 64-bit Windows - Firebird-

c) For 32-bit Windows - Firebird-


If you have already installed another Firebird or InterBase instance on the same computer, you will need to continue with manual installation. For more information, go to the Server Installation page.

1.2. Run the AuditDesktop_Setup.exe file

1.3. Accept the agreement and click Next until the Select Components window is displayed. Choose Server installation or mark only the Firebird relational database and Database with FSAA options. A detailed description is available for each option at the Setup page. Click Next.

1.4. Select the database destination folder. The Personal documents (My Documents) option will be selected by default. If you choose this option, the path to the database will be:



Check the correct path to the database. The example above is for illustration purposes only. You need to either replace Admin with the real user name if you have used the default path or select an appropriate path. 

For more information, see the Aliases setup section in the Server Installation page.


For security reasons it is strongly recommended that you select a location which no other users except the Administrator and System have access to.

1.5. Click Next until the installation process is complete.

Step 2. Add Firebird to Firewall Exceptions

In case you have an active Firewall, you need to add a Firebird server to the Firewall exceptions in order to access the database server from your workstations. To do so:

  1. Press the Windows key + R simultaneously.
  2. In the Run dialog window, enter WF.MSC and click OK.

The Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security window will launch.

First option: Adding exception for a Program (Recommended)

1. On the left panel, click Inbound Rules.

2. In the Actions panel on the right side, click on New Rule.

3. In the Rule Type window, select Program and click Next.

4. Choose C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin\fb_server.exe or the correct path if you have selected a different one. Click Next.

5. Select the Allow the connection option and click Next.

6. Choose where the rule will apply. Typically all three options (Domain, Private and Public) will be selected, but you should check with your network administrator regarding company policy about setting rules for public connections. Click Next.

7. Enter a name for the new AuditDesktop Firebird Server exception. Click Finish.

Second option: Adding exception by opening ports

By default, Firebird uses two TCP ports to serve network connections. For more information, see Port setup and Message port setup sections in the Server Installation page.

1. Adding an exception for a port is similar to adding an exception for a program, only instead of selecting Program, you must select the Port option. Click Next.

2. Enter the two ports that are used, separating them by a comma (,). Click Next and repeat Steps 5–7 described above.


If you are using another Firewall application or an antivirus software with such features, it is necessary that you allow access to the said application or its ports.

Step 3. Database Alias (Non-Mandatory Step)

For an easier database link configuration on workstations, you can set an alias name to the database.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin and edit the aliases.conf file
  2. Add a new line to the end of the file:

auditdesktop =  C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Ada-Soft\AuditDesktop\auditdesktop.fdb

Step 4. Workstation Installation

4.1. Download and save the following files:

a) AuditDesktop_Setup.exe

b) auditdesktop.lic

4.2. Run the AuditDesktop_Setup.exe file

4.3. Click Next until the Select Components window is displayed.

4.4. Choose Workstation installation from the drop-down list or select only the Application and Working paper templates options. Click Next until the installation process is complete.

Step 5. Configure Connection to the Database

5.1. Once you run the application, click the database config button located in the login window.

5.2. In the Databases window, click New.

5.3. Open the General tab and set the following parameters:

  • Database label: AuditDesktop
  • If you want to use the program's Offline functionality, you need to set a Database ID. It represents a short code of your database.
  • Database connection type: Network (connect to a database server)
  • Server: the name of the server or its IP address
  • Database - enter the full path to the database: 


or the alias name if you have set one:


5.4. Click Save.

You can now start the application. When logging in for the first time, use the default username SYSDBA and the password masterkey.

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