1. To start AuditDesktop, click the icon on your desktop. The Login window will appear. 

2. Program login is done through the following steps:

You can also log in the program with your OS credentials, without entering username and password.

If you haven't set a database:

The Databases window that will appear allows you to manage your list of databases.

3. Before starting an engagement, it is recommended that you fill in some organisation data:

  1. 3.1. Open the Settings tab.

    3.2. Click the Organisation button.

 4. The program supports several main Nomenclatures that facilitate engagement performance. To edit them, go to:

5. Setting up System users / Employees - you can manage both system users and employees who are not using the system, but who will be taken into account during Strategic and Annual planning.

AuditDesktop allows you to add, edit and delete employees, as well as to fill in additional information such as user accounts, job positions, planned leaves, etc.

6. Method import - you can use the program's method import function which allows for a quick and simple import of method files.

7. Adding new Client(s) - you can add new clients, but also edit, delete and organise your clients into hierarchical groups.

Right click on a client to access the Client context menu. Its functions will help you manage client data, select and edit engagements as well as add timesheets.

8. Create new engagement - two engagement types are available:

9. Select active engagement - click the Select button on the main window. To open an engagement, choose one of the following ways:

You can use the predefined filters at the bottom of the screen to select the engagement's visibility mode.