The Samples panel can be accessed in one of the following ways:

You can generate and save an unlimited number of samples, using input data from one and the same data population.

AuditDesktop supports the following types of samples:

Click the Edit record button to enter the sample's name and select the sample type from the drop-down menu. Click Sample.

There are different parameters for different types of samples. Once you select a specific sample type, you can view and enter its parameters.

Click the Create sample button. The program will make a selection of the records which meet the predefined criteria that you have set in the Parameters active window.

 The program will display the following information:

In the Notes field you can add notes to every sample record.

If you want to select all records that are part of the current sample, mark the True option in the filter of the first column.

The Print button enables you to print the generated sample data on templates.

Once your sample is ready, click Save.